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mqopen is network of sensors and other interconnected devices using MQTT protocol. It offers open source and secure solution for smart homes, data logging, environment surveillance and automation.

Goal is to build open source IoT network of very cheap devices which can collect data or can be controlled for some actions. This requires secured network to prevent data leak or device compromise.

This project is divided in three main parts:

  • Infrastructure - Network backend. Reliable and secure data exchange.
  • Endpoint devices - Main network workers.
  • Data processing - Processing of collected data and taking some actions. Also includes system supervising and health monitoring.


  • Open source - We believe that you can only trust to open source solution. You can never be sure that any closed source solution isn't backdoored, has't some critical vulnerability or creepy snooping feature.
  • Scalable - MQTT based infrastructure allows you to very easily create new kind of endpoint devices or data processing software and deploy it into existing network.
  • Extensible - You can deploy only one device without need of any complex infrastructure or you can have thousand devices span over the world. Possibilities are endless.
  • Secure - Designed to be secured against data leak and network compromise.


Network is designed to span over many locations which can span over the world, each with its own local MQTT broker. All local MQTT brokers are connected to single central MQTT broker to form large and robust network.

This approach allows to use cheap hardware for building endpoint devices and also use SSL encryption for data exchange.

Endpoint devices

Main part of this mqopen are endpoint devices. These devices are generally sensors, but we plan to build some devices which should be controlled over the network (such as window blinds or some kind of locks).

There are few supported link layers for connecting device into network.

  • Ethernet connection
  • Wi-Fi connection

Available endpoint devices

Data processing

Finally, collected data can be processed and analyzed. mqopen provides several tools for that task:


mqopen is designed with security in the mind. The biggest problem is that it uses low-cost hardware which are not able to provide robust encryption itself. For that reason mqopen network uses perimeter based security approach. That means that weakest point is access to some local network and local MQTT broker.

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