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 +====== mqview ======
 +**mqview** is web based front-end for [[processing:​mqguard|mqguard]],​ completely written in JavaScript using [[http://​​|ember]] framework.
 +It is capable to display network health in real time in nice user interface.
 +{{ :​processing:​mqview.png?​650 |}}
 +===== Install =====
 +**mqview** is in development. You can try it by running from source code:
 +$ git clone https://​​mqopen/​mqview
 +$ cd mqview
 +mqview$ npm install
 +mqview$ bower install
 +mqview$ ember server
 +Now you can visit **mqview** at [[http://​​4200]]
 +===== Development =====
 +You can get source code of mqview at its [[https://​​mqopen/​mqview|GitHub page]].
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