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DHT22 Sensor

DHT22 is simple and cheap digital temperature and humidity sensor. It communicates over customized 1-wire bus at TTL logic. DHT22 provides wider measurement range and better accuracy than DHT11 variant.

Sensor characteristics:

Sensor type Humidity, Temperature
Humidity range 0% - 100% RH
Humidity accuracy 2% - 5% RH
Temperature range -40 - 80 °C
Temperature accuracy 0.5 °C
Interface Custom
Working voltage 3.3 - 6 V

Sensor for measuring temperature and humidity.

Build instructions

Solder DHT22 sensor to piece of prototyping board.

Bill of materials

Part Pcs
DHT22 sensor 1
2 x 8 cm prototyping board 1
Telephone cable 1
RJ11 6P4C plug 1

3D printed case

Download STL files from GitHub repository.

Bill of materials

Part Pcs
M4 x 16 mm crew, flat head 4
M4 nut 4

PCB modifications

Solder 1K pull-up resistor to appropriate solder pad on data pin.

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